Stephensons Tree Service


Stephensons Tree Service

This Rip It Project (RIP It) was completed in 72 hours! When Stephensons Tree Service asked us if we could simply move their existing website to a new location and improve it a little bit, we were glad to oblige. We quickly discovered that we didn’t know how to improve it just a little bit. So we improved it a whole lot.

We designed a new logo, made the site responsive and fully encrypted and gave it an updated feel. We’ll let you decide. The site now has a flexible design and layout, Its ready for a phase two. We plan to work with the client to add content and features; all part of a growth push that we will implement in the coming months to generate growth over the next 18 months. Not bad for a 72 hour punch out job.

  • Client: Stephensons Tree Service
  • Skills: HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Photoshop

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