What makes us different?


Our process is what makes us different. It’s transparent, it’s effective and it’s collaborative. We don’t go off into a development cave and pop up with our idea of a cool website for you. We define your business goals with you. And then we build out a site to fuel your business. Our clients tell us we stand out in helping them stand out through their websites. We’d like to help you stand out too, and this is our roadmap to how we do it.

Our roadmap

strategyStrategy Sessions:- We start with strategy meetings during which we learn about your business. We ask a lot of questions to help us together understand why and how your clients buy from you. We like to hear how you differentiate yourself in the market. Who forms your target market? What’s your value proposition?

analysisMap Analysis – Let’s identify markets and demographics. Map the geography and desired reach. Understand how your sales teams present your products and services. All the while let’s think how the website should support what they do.

Identify Actionable Elements – Who are the different groups or people who will come to your site? What content should we create for each of these? Are they buyers, influencers or researchers? What is the ideal travel path we want to create for them? How do we want each group to interact with your website and what should they be able to do when they are visiting?

requirmentsDetermine Requirements – Identify and define the various functions and features that will be required in the site. Determine user and administrator. Create functional wireframes for the main pages of the website and identify desired user and visual features.

Detailed Specifications – Written specifications, which not only define the requirements and scope of the project but also define each visitor type and what each type will be able to do on the site. This document will also be used as the Statement of Work for the project.

contentCreate Content – We will work with you to determine whether we need to create content for the new site. Your site should not simply rework text from older printed materials. We may need to work together to reshape and condense or create content that is appropriate for the new pages of your website.

designDesign – Now that we have defined the requirements and scope of your website we can let the designers work their magic. Based on what we have learned about your company and your clients as well as the requirements we have forges together, we will present you with design mock-ups and options.

userexperience1Evaluate User Experience – How do you want your visitors to experience and interact with your website and your company?

testingDevelopment & Testing – Your website will be built on the final approved design and specifications and will be fully tested for functionality and requirements as well as cross browser testing prior to being made available to your team to experience and review. For more complex projects we can arrange a number of testing approaches using national and international test teams that are available for this purpose. Feedback can be analyzed and recommended changes and modifications implemented as needed.

Deploy – We will usually recommend a soft launch to friendly eyes and public launch following that. Press releases and email campaigns can be planned and coordinated.

userexperienceSEO and Social Media – Now that your site is up and running you are ready to create traffic and attract visitors. Appropriate SEO campaigns and Social Media strategies that was planned earlier will now be implemented.

maintenanceMaintain, Evaluate, Refine – Let’s face it. At this point many of us want to “hang” the site on the wall and bask in its glow. But your website is more like a garden and less like a painting. It requires regular maintenance, weeding and improvements to keep it beautiful and bountiful. We will help you develop and execute a strategy for this purpose.

celebrateMeasure and Celebrate the Results – We believe in frequently measuring results and celebrating successes. How do we know we have something to celebrate? By measuring results. We are not satisfied with anecdotal outcomes. We will help you define and keep track of quantifiable metrics. These can be as simple as traffic stats and analytics and leads generated or as complex as you need them to be.

RIP IT!® Fast websites for small budgets

Pick a design, provide us with your business card, a few images and up to 3 pages of text.
Your website will be ready in three days or less.